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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saptakoshi River

    The saptakoshi river is one of biggest river in Nepal which consist of seven rivers. They are :
            Arun,tamor,dudhkoshi,likhu,tamakoshi, sunkoshi and indrawoti.Among these rivers arun and sunkosi  has originated from Tibet of china.othere originate by melting of ice or glacier.sunkosi is golden river where maji people collect gold in sand .this is also income source of people .besides this they have conducted boat and raft especially focusing for tourists.many hydroprojects have received liecese to produce electricity.the road has been constructed.all rivers flow throw plain area and at last merges together to form sapkosi river.but during rainy season ,the level of water in this river rises ,then it is converted into flood.as result many people of this are affected.at this time ,India also blocks the saptakosi which makes further danger and critical situation.many people are becoming houseless and landless.the people are arising loud sound but Nepal Government is not listening any thing why? This is question for Nepal government.It is so late to make dicision to solve problem.

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